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Below you can find more info about Subconscious Imprinting Technique...

Subconscious Imprinting Technique is one of the quickest and most effective ways to discover and remove the subconscious beliefs, decisions and patterns that are negatively influencing your life and health.

How does Subconscious Imprinting work?

There are 4 steps your practitioner will go through during a s.i.t session

1. REASON: You and your practitioner will get clarity on the Reason for your session and what you're looking to achieve. 

2. REVEAL: Through conversation (and/or muscle testing when required), we'll Reveal the "root cause" of the disharmony or dis-ease you're experiencing in your physical, emotional or spiritual life.

3. REPROGRAM: The root-cause is often a hidden belief or decision you made due to a specific life event, experience, trauma or influence.
Once the root-cause has been revealed, the practitioner will guide you through a specific process that will uncover the patterns that are limiting you, and Reprogram the subconscious mind with new ones.
New empowering beliefs and decisions are imprinted to create new outcomes that align with the life, emotions, health and actions you desire.
Think of it like a "software" upgrade!

4. RESTORE: Now that the "software" that's been running subconsciously has been reprogrammed, you're like a computer that's been Restored to it's original settings. Think of it like erasing your computer of the viruses, and installing new apps that are way cooler and more aligned with who you want to become. You’ve released baggage you may not have even realized you’ve been carrying, and you’ll notice magnificent change in your physical life begin to unfold.

While one session will be incredibly valuable, we recommend committing to at least 4, depending on the outcomes you're looking to achieve. 

Working with a practitioner during your journey can be very empowering and momentous in your evolution.